Success at the British Pie Awards 2016

The competition amongst the Chefs at Jeanie Marshal Foods reached a new level, with a record of 14 Pie entries to this year’s British Pie Awards. After previous successful years we wanted to raise the bar and achieve the most awards this year… After what seemed like a lifetime, we were told that we had 10 Pie Flavours that had received awards, in no particular order they were;

  • Salmon and Butterbean Pie – Silver Award
  • Chicken, Mushroom and Truffle Pie- Silver Award
  • Beef and Shitake Mushroom Pie- Silver Award
  • Fish and Chip Pie- Silver Award
  • Fish Bhuna – Silver Award
  • Portobello Pithivier Roasted Mushrooms and Stilton Pie- Bronze Award
  • Burgundy Braised Ox Cheek and Caramelised Red Onion Pie – Bronze
  • Beef and Red wine – Bronze Award winning pie
  • Butter Chicken Pie- Bronze Award winning Pie
  • Bramley Apple Pie- Bronze Award winning Pie